Everyone knows – it’s not just the job, but the people you work with that make the real difference. And HomeFree Pharmacy is proud to have such a great team. So, we like to regularly highlight one member. And today, we’re highlighting Priscilla!

Priscilla has been with us for nearly a decade – eight and a half years. She currently serves as both Vice President and Chief Pharmacist. But she thinks people would be surprised to learn just how much of her time is spent “being an actual pharmacist.” A lot of her efforts are still spent filling and checking prescriptions (rather than on managerial tasks).

She really enjoys the team aspect of work saying,

“It really does take a village to serve our clients, and we all work really well together to accomplish that. Work really can be fun when you enjoy the people you work with!”

Truer words! We’re glad to work with you too, Priscilla.