HomeFree’s 6-Step Medication Verification Process

Precision and Care at Every Step

At HomeFree Pharmacy, precision in medication management is not just a goal—it’s a guarantee. As part of our SafeDose Program, our unique 6-Step Medication Verification Process, known as the “Digitized Trail,” ensures an unprecedented 99.97% accuracy rate. This meticulous process utilizes state-of-the-art technology and rigorous quality control to eliminate human error and enhance medication safety. Here’s how we achieve such high standards:

  1. Initial Verification: Once a facility decides to use HomeFree Pharmacy, prescriptions are reviewed for accuracy by a pharmacist who produces and sends a “fill list” back to the facility for approval.
  2. Pre-Billing: We handle all billing concerns upfront, resolving payment issues before they become a problem. This step ensures a smoother process for our partner facilities.
  3. Automated Dispensing: Our advanced equipment sorts and packages each dose. Medications are dispensed directly into the machine, reducing the risk of contamination and errors.
  4. Quality Inspection: Our “InspectRx” machine scans, weighs, and photographs each medication packet, flagging any discrepancies for further review. This step catches errors such as miscounts or damaged pills.
  5. Pharmacist Review: Any potential issues flagged by InspectRx are reviewed by a pharmacist. If an error is confirmed, it is corrected by a pharmacy technician and rechecked by the pharmacist.
  6. Final Check: Before any medication leaves our facility, a shipping technician verifies that the dispensed medications match the original order.

Support and Accessibility: HomeFree Pharmacy provides caregivers with a month’s supply of medication, each dose individually packaged and organized sequentially. Compliance strips on each package and detailed MARs (Medication Administration Records) facilitate easy and accurate administration. Additionally, our digital media service allows caregivers and administrators 24/7 access to all necessary medication information and updates.

Through the “Digitized Trail,” HomeFree Pharmacy not only ensures the accuracy and safety of medication delivery but also supports caregivers with tools that enhance their workflow and efficiency.