HomeFree Pharmacy Services acquires proven leader inpharmacy solutions

Provider of healthcare management specializes in needs of the intellectual and developmental disability community

Mount Laurel, NJ (December 1, 2023) – HomeFree Pharmacy Services, a leading provider of high-touch, tech-enabled medication management services, on Friday announced a partnership with SafeDose Pharmacy, a provider of comprehensive pharmacy solutions that specializes in the intellectual and developmental disability population. This strategic merger unites two organizations that share a common culture, placing strong emphasis on caring for individuals with chronic conditions and complex needs, and empowering them to lead healthier lives wherever they call home.
“SafeDose brings extensive expertise in managing the healthcare of highly complex individuals in the I/DD community, while also delivering support and achieving substantial clinical improvements
for their dedicated caregivers,” said Rexanne Domico, CEO of HomeFree Pharmacy Services. “When combined with our integrated pharmacy services, where we cater to thousands of individuals nationwide, we position ourselves even more effectively to enhance outcomes and reduce the overall cost of care for the most vulnerable populations.” The synergy between SafeDose’s coverage area and HomeFree’s existing reach will extend the availability of their comprehensive solutions to more expansive markets. “We recognize a strategic opportunity between SafeDose and HomeFree,” HomeFree Chief Sales Officer Jeff Kellam said. “Both organizations offer high-quality, integrated solutions that directly address the medication challenges faced by high-risk populations that we mutually serve. This partnership allows us to harness the strengths and expertise of both teams, elevating the value we provide to patients and partners nationwide. We are excited about the integration of our teams, marking the ability to become a true national footprint provider.”

About HomeFree Pharmacy Services
HomeFree is a leading provider of high-touch medication management services for polychronic patients and individuals. The company’s comprehensive clinical approach helps improve overall medication adherence and directly drives better health outcomes. HomeFree Pharmacy Services serves patients, partners, and individuals in a multiple state footprint today.

About SafeDose Pharmacy
Founded in 1999, SafeDose has been a pioneer in pharmacy fulfillment for the IDD community. The company’s unique model combines the best practices of both retail and institutional pharmacy services, offering a novel approach to pharmacy fulfillment. Their signature “care for you service” has helped set new benchmarks for customer service and accuracy in medication management, earning the trust and satisfaction of clients across the sector.