We provide a leading high-touch, tech-enabled medication management service that seamlessly integrates into the patient’s care plan helping drive better clinical and financial outcomes. Today we partner with Home Health and Home Care/Personal Care organizations, Group Home Providers as well as Health Plans, Health Systems and many other Prescribing organizations.

Medication non-adherence is a serious issue across the country

Annually, Americans suffer an estimated 45 to 50 million adverse effects from prescription drugs. Patients on multiple medication regimens can be especially difficult to manage because the more medications they take, the greater the likelihood they are to experience an adverse drug event (ADE):

  • There is a 58% chance of an ADE with a patient on 5 meds
  • That chance increases to 82% with 7 or more meds
  • Seniors are at high risk—35% of outpatients experience an ADE

HomeFree Pharmacy Services makes drug adherence safe and easy

HomeFree Pharmacy Services is not an online pharmacy nor are we a mail order pharmacy.  We are a pharmacy that delivers a comprehensive pharmacy solution right to the home.

We provide a comprehensive, high-touch approach approach to managing clients who are prescribed multiple medications helping to increase adherence and reduce hospitalizations.  With our integrated pharmacy model, we make it easy to take the right medication at the right time, keeping people healthy, safe, and comfortable at home.

Our Pharmacy Delivery Model

  • Initial consultation with a HomeFree Pharmacy Services Clinical Liaison
  • Complete medication reconciliation—we will work closely with you to ensure we are accurately organizing medications. Then one of our team pharmacists will review each medication to screen for drug interactions and potential duplications.
  • Monthly supply of medications including any over-the-counter needs are sent directly to the home in convenient, pre-sorted pill packs — eliminating the need for pill boxes or 30-day pill organizers.
  • Monthly follow-up calls, ongoing education and 24/7 support ensure medications are taken as prescribed, any questions are answered, and any changes to prescriptions are handled.